Our Profile

One of the remarkable and powerful moves for getting the high quality and most consistent products with a competitive price is the industrial automation. Industrial automation allows adopting innovative and integrated technologies to increase the product quality, reliability and production rate, while keeping its cost to a minimum.

Why industrial automation? Industrial automation:

•   Increases productivity
•   Provides cost efficiency
•   Increases product quality
•   Provides more safety
•   Reduces the need for manual checking

We are engaged in the development and implementation of
automation systems for industrial and
production facilities, the production of test
systems, educational equipment and software.




Our Services

  • Design
  • Development
  • Manufacturing and assembly of mechanical parts
  • Installation of electrical components
  • Layout
  • Software
  • Testing
  • Documentation

We have distinguished integration skills

Test station components are
widely available, but it takes
competent integrator like Van
Technologies to smoothly
assemble and accommodate
them to your specific needs. We
consider every detail and make
sure that nothing is overlooked.

Fixtures, Chambers & Test Beds

With our spotlight on high
value and productivity, we
provide fixturing systems
that optimize instrument use,
speed UUTs through automated
test schedules and simplify
production line changeovers
and updates.

Value-added software

Software advancement is a
major part of our success
and we are always solving
customer challenges with
new methodologies.
Utilizing industry-standard
software, we know how to
optimize equipment and
drive automation, quality,
and effectiveness results.